A battle royale title game has apparently become the working model for The Division studio Massive

It is effortless to understand if an unspoken truth arises that why a very highly reputed publisher is started focusing on a battle royal game. Activision, a well-known game developer company has designated that the shooter-centric publishers are not performing the same thing as the EA and Ubisoft.  It is also very obvious that who don’t want to become a part of lucrative PUBG / Fortnite pie. As the Activision has already pointed out that is an extremely interesting thing to attract all genres.

A Swedish games website Game reactor believes that Ubisoft is already on the occurrence to attract people around the world, it is also a sour truth that it is not a Rayman battle royale game that keeps on engaging people with their highly animated and interesting games. The Massive Entertainment is provided by the helm studio, they belong to the Division fame, and also if we follow a report generated by the Ubisoft has targeted the studio since January towards the investigation of the potential battle royale games.

Massive has surely tried and kept its hands with both Division 2 and, its newly launched Avatar game, maybe it is a rumor and not easy to believe. If it gets the permission of its own estimation, then it is not at all difficult for Division 2 to begin a fully featured battle royale game with all the featured components. But now the time is not for Ubisoft to comment “on rumors or speculation”.

At the same time, if the game player opts for ‘Ubisoft take on the battle royale genre’, then the Cry 5 players are making out the same engages in the game’s user-generated Arcade mode.

For more check out the video below:

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