January 20, 2018

Norton Review 2018

norton.com/setup –  Norton Antivirus software is providing security for computers, Android, iOS and other devices to people across the globe. Since past many decades, the antivirus developers have been keenly modifying the antivirus so people can have ultra-advanced security for multiple electronic devices. Norton antivirus lies among the top-rated anti-virus in 2018. Here you will comprehend Norton review 2018.

Relying on statistics, the antivirus has fulfilled needs of a majority, yet there is a percentage of users who claim that the software has not provided them with satisfied services.

Norton setup Antivirus extends beyond the average performance on virus and internet security. To get Norton review for absolute outcomes of the real-time protection analysis; our expert has examined the antivirus performance by downloading some malware samples on a computer like viruses, adware, Trojans, rogue ware, etc. to verify the security majors that the software takes against these harmful viruses.

It was observed that nearly 65% of threats were blocked at the time of virus download. While the other time, Norton detected the installation of viruses but was somehow unable to block them or could not take any action against them. This was remarked to be quite a critical problem for online businesses as they need to surf the internet nearly every time. Also, the above security measure taken by Norton could lead risk to the data saved in cloud memory. Because the antivirus was noted to allow virus installation in the device, it could allow an easy access to harmful viruses entering in computers. The conclusion was perceived that the antivirus lacks to remove malware attack when it comes to real-time security.

Norton Firewall protection Analysis

While Norton Firewall protection was activated, it was noted that it restricted malware from getting onto the computer. So, Norton Firewall protection is an essential service that you need activate on your systems to provide protection from cyber-attacks or online threats. The firewall protection helps to block malware from causing any potential damage to your system. However, in the review of first analysis, Norton succeeded to block only 54% of the virus bypass and failed in the rest.

User Interface Feature

Norton provides superior user interface feature by giving user-friendly terms. It is simple to understand and use. Not only the interface is easy to access but also is attractive as you can find well-labeled creative icons and options. There are more advanced features available for the users who have purchased any version of Norton Antivirus. Moreover, the installation and activation process is easy as well. The only requirement is of product key that you get only after the purchase of the antivirus whether it is online or offline.

Norton Technical Support

There has been a gradual improvement in Norton Technical Support from past few years, so if you face any error or issue with the antivirus software, you can get help via chat from Norton customer support or you can also call on Norton Help Toll-Free Number. The brand also claims to refund the amount in any case of a problem as their guarantee policy.

Norton Review for its Products

Norton Antivirus Basic

In this, you will have two-way firewall security to protect your device from malware and other online risks. Also, Norton’s money-back guarantee is available for this version. This package can be used on a single device whether it is your Android phone, computer or iOS. With an inexpensive price range, Norton Basic also offers full customer support services.

Norton Security Standard

Security standard allows protection for up to five devices and can be managed all at once from ‘My Norton’ Online portal. You can also find three device packages for fewer bits.

Norton Security Premium

With top-notch features, the premium security comes with the ability to back up software by online and online modes. You also have 25GB of cloud storage and high-end data protection. This premium security can be used on up to 10 devices.

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